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About Us

In addition to be able to handle all of your contracting insurance needs, we have numerous insurance carriers available to handle your personal insurance needs – auto, homeowners, motorcycle, boat and life insurance.

As a contractor, we handle virtually any insurance you could possibly ever need, but that isn’t the whole story.

As I write this, we are in the midst of finalizing the details for more exclusive programs for our clients, and there is a very special value for you – our contracting clients. Look at the benefits we currently offer and compare them to what you will see elsewhere:

  • We have partnered with leading area lawyers and accountants to allow our clients access to their services at a deep discount
  • Creation of an agency controlled and owned Yellow Pages for our clients – Our personal lines clients will be able to go to our website and search for products and services – in this case your contracting services – and they contact you to buy. You are already considered a “agency partner” it is a win/win/win scenario – our personal and business clients get quality services, your business gets more business without any expenditure, and we as the agency win because everyone else achieved what they wanted.
  • Online wholesale purchasing portal for our clients. Again here the idea is not that we mark something up – we make nothing off this – the whole idea is that your money and all of our client’s money goes further.

    This list will clearly grow as time goes on. The idea is simple – insurance is tremendously regulated – by focusing on trying to improve your lives and businesses – we are able to achieve a far more successful relationship than any other agency is able to because the scope of our vision is far more focused on you and improving your respective life.

    Warmest Regards, 

    Jeff Friedlander, CIC, CLTC, CCPS, CWCA, CWCP



    56 Payne Road, Suite 8 | Lebanon NJ, 08833| 908.730.6443 |

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